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Bardinet V.S.O.P


Vol. =E142%


Bisquit VS


Vol. 40%


bisquit vsop


Vol. 40%


Bisquit XO


Vol. 40%


Boukha Bokobsa Eau de Vie de Figue


Vol. 40%


Calvados Chateau du Breuir vsop


Vol. =E273%


Calvados Sylvain


Vol. =E289%


calvdos chateau du breuit


Vol. =E267%


Camus elegance V.S.O.P מארז


Vol. =E222%


Camus elegance X.O


Vol. =E198%


Camus Extraordinary


Vol. =E192%


Camus V.S.O.P bordery


Vol. =E216%




Vol. 40%


Camus xo bordery


Vol. =E186%


Coniac Camus Extra Elegant


Vol. =E210%


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In the past three centuries, cognac has been considered to be the finest drink among grapes. It has many unrivaled qualities - its fruitiness, its delicate aroma, its intensity, its warmth, and most of all - the complexity of thousands of styles and flavors produced from one variety of grapes.

Cognac has rightly won its reputation, it exhibits many qualities. Remy Martin is one of the four leading brands of cognac, together (Courvoisier with Hennessy, Martel and Corvazia)

About 120 kilometers north of Bordeaux, there are two picturesque towns known as cognac and garnac, the heart of the cognac industry. The area stretching from La Rochelle to the north, to Royan in the west and Angouleme in the east, houses about 6000 grape growers, which supply white wine for distillation, Trebbiano (mainly white)

These wines are unique in their high acidity and relatively low alcohol content - not tempting to drink, but excellent for distillation. The cognac is refined twice, in copper distilleries. After that, the "drink of life" is transferred to oak barrels in limosine or trunna. In Tronza, the land is considered to be tighter, and more suitable for the aging of cognac. Finally, the drink diluted with water to about 40%.

Cognac is commonly divided into several levels that reflect the amount of aging time in a barrel.

Is a cognac where the mixture is no younger than two years old. VS 'Very Special'

VSOPs should be no younger than four years ('Very Superior Old Pale'
XO -'Extra Old
Which sometimes finds it labeled 'Napoleon', 'Extra' or 'Horse d'Ag', its six-year limit, but from 2018 it will rise to ten years (except for Napoleon).
 (XO ('Extra Old'). In practice,
 (For example, with ginger ale or tonic water) or for cocktails. VS Most of the

 Are intended for clean drinking or mixing with another drink. VSOP

 It is recommended to drink clean - the long statute of limitations adds a lot of flavors and aroma to it, which will get lost in a cocktail. XO complexity

Of the latter type, can be very special. In many types we will feel an elusive sharpness, surrounded by fragrant aromas and chocolate.

The region of France is called cognac, divided into six: the Great Champagne, the Little Champagne, the Bourdari, the Bois Pin, Bois Bois and Boa Ordiner. There are significant differences between them - in her large lips the mixture is known for its quality and strength; The mixture produced in Bourdieu is known for its fruit flavors, hints of flower aromas and so on.

Cognac made up of at least 50% large champagne and the rest from its small face, can also be called 'quality champagne'. Another interesting detail is that the Champagne area in this part is not related to the bubbling drink, but is called because of its bad soil.


And what is brandy?
Brandy is refined alcohol, produced in several countries around the world from a variety of ingredients. Brandy grapes, made from grapes, is usually produced in the floors which have a history of wine production. Another interesting fact is that brandy of cherries is not brandy at all, but a fruit liqueur made from alcohol-soaked fruit and added sugar-the process of liqueur production.

Along with brandy derived from yeast or wheat beer Calvados, Poire William, Slivovitz The brandy concept covers a variety of drinks