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About us

Welcome to the Wine Room 

WineRoom — it’s a chain of wine stores and great alcoholic beverages. We love and have an extensive knowledge of wine and help our customers to discover the whole world of this amazing drink. We will:


It’s alright if you are not well-versed in all the varieties of wine grapes and wine brands. Tell us about your taste and we will help you choose the wine suitable for you


We select our product suppliers diligently and offer our customers exclusive and the highest quality wines.


A team of professional sommeliers are in your service. We organize wine tasting events and share the secrets of wine culture on our website. 


Did you have an exhausting day or have unexpected guests at home? Your favorite drink will be delivered to you not later than a pizza. Learn more on the delivery page.


He understands wine for 15 years, by smell, just call the brand. Loves red


She studied Art sommelier in Italy. Specializes in sparkling


He knows all the subtleties of the choice of strong alcohol. Male Drink Specialist


Conducts workshops for professional sommeliers. She is very comfortable with her

Ask a Sommelier

Which wine is the best to gift to your boss, which one will a girl enjoy on the first date, which ingredients to use in a glint wine for a party, or the best one for your dinner – ask any question and get a consultation of a professional Sommelier. Even if you love wine, you don’t have to know everything about it, leave those troubles to us. Describe your taste, tell us about the event you are choosing the alcohol for, and we will help you choose a good drink.


Or call from from 10:00 to 20:00


Come and Taste our Wine

We can tell you a lot of interesting things about good alcohol. Only the wines themselves will tell you about them more. Visit our shops for wine tasting.

Ben Yehuda

Ben Yehuda 136, Tel-Aviv 

//specify the date and time for tasting//

Phone: 03-6298640


Dizengoff 261, Tel-Aviv 

// specify the date and time for tasting //

Phone: 054-5836000

Moshe Beker

Moshe Beker 32, Rishon LeTsiyon 

// specify the date and time for tasting //

Phone: 03-6565399


Bialik 13, Ramat Gan 

// specify the date and time for tasting //

Phone: 03-6093968